“Kosugi SILK MASK” Now Available
: Comfortable, Sustainable, Classy Product of Japanese Quality

Kosugi Fabric Industry, Ltd., based in Sakai city, Fukui Prefecture, is a manufacturer of Japan’s traditional “kimono” clothing and “obi” sashes, accounting for 90% of the country’s obi market.

In April 2020, the company began producing silk-made face masks for use in the battle against the global spread of the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19), taking advantage of its sash fabric technology cultivated so far. The “Kosugi SILK MASK” is a washable, environment-friendly product that can be used with peace of mind and comfort -- qualities that will make users increasingly attached to it and which cannot be realized with disposable masks made of chemical fibers.

Silk is a skin-friendly natural material made from silkworm cocoons, featuring both lightness and toughness. It is efficient in moisture absorption and desorption, and hardly causes any static electricity. Silk is also significantly antibacterial. It has been loved since ancient times as a luxury clothing fiber for people prone to rough skin and atopic dermatitis.

The double-weave Kosugi mask has a quintuple-layer structure, with two pieces of silk fabric laid on each other and a high-density unwoven filter sandwiched in-between. The company also produces wide, soft rubber ear straps for the mask. The face mask also has a built-in nose wire enabling it to be attached closely to the nose.

The “Kosugi SILK MASK” became explosively popular across Japan immediately after it went on sale at 1,650 yen apiece. The reason is the combination of excellence of silk and Japan’s traditional fabric technology. Those interested, please contact us.

社名 小杉織物株式会社
住所 〒910-0303  福井県坂井市丸岡町猪爪5-3-1
会社URL https://kosugi-orimono.co.jp/
創業 昭和12年
創立 昭和39年1月6日
資本金 1,000万円
代表者 小杉秀則
従業員数 115人
事業部 企画開発部/生産管理部/品質検査部/物流部/営業部/総務部
事業内容 帯の企画製造(浴衣帯・着物帯・男性用角帯・伊達締め 等)
関連会社 (株)小杉デザイン事務所 (有)kosugi weavers
売上高 17億円(グループ全体)
織機 65台
製経機 8台